How To Paint RC Car Bodies

How To Paint RC Car Bodies
How To Paint Your RC Car Body Using Only Spray Cans And No Airbrush

The tool that you will need for this How To: 1. Liquid soap 2. Water 3. A pencil 4. A clean towel 5. Masking tape Ė Use fresh tape 6. Xacto knife 7. Lexan paint 8. Permanent marker 9. Denatured alcohol Ė (You can get this at any hardware store, usually in the paint section). 10. Steel wool, wet sanding paper, or a scotch brite pad 11. Unpainted Lexan body When you have all these tools you are ready to begin.

Prepare the body for paint Wash the inside of the body with liquid soap and water. Then rinse off all the soap, and dry completely with a clean towel. Find the window masks that came with your shell and stick them on the inside of the body using the window lines as reference points. Firmly press down on the edges of the window masks with your finger nails to ensure no bleeding of the paint. Once the windows are masked off take the steel wool, fine wet sandpaper or scotch brite padand scuff the inside of the body until it becomes cloudy. This step will help ensure that the paint adheres to the body and wonít be noticed after the body is painted. (If you are using chrome paint do not include this step, this will cause the chrome to have a brushed finish).

Drawing the Design Draw the design on the outside of the body using the permanent marker, and place a strip of tape on the inside of the body over the area of your graphics, overlap the tape if one strip isnít enough for you design. Be sure to follow the shape of the body closely and that there is no air bubbles under the tape. Hold the body up to a bright light and trace the design on to the tape using a pencil. If this is your first time at graphics, keep it simple! With your Xacto knife, cut out the design you have drawn onto the tape. Take your time and experiment with the amount of pressure you need to apply to cut the tape, yet not mark the body! (Use scrap piece of Lexan with masking tape on them to practice). Tape off the rest of the bit you donít want painted and write in pencil what color you want it to be on the tape. Carefully seal the edges of the cut areas of your design using your fingernail, ensuring all edges are completely stuck to the body.

Time to Paint Put the bottom half of the can of paint in to warm water first. This will make the paint spray more evenly and make it easier to stick to the shell. Paint the darkest color first because you donít want it to show through. Then spray the lightest last. Itís best to spray three light coats, rather than two thick coats. This will reduce the chance of ugly bleeding, and paint flaking off in a crash! Peel off the masked portion for your next color and continue to paint each color, taking the necessary drying time between coats, back coats, and colors. If you are using light/metallic/candy colors then back these with silver or white to give the best finish, as to not let it be see through.

Decorating it When all paint is dry, remove window templates and overspray film. Using denatured alcohol remove any over spray, residue and design sketches from the outside of the body. (You may omit this step, if your body came with a protective film coating)

Final Touches Drill the body holes with a reamer or drill. Carefully trim the body edges a little at a time. Some people cut out the body after washing the body and before masking it. This is all up to personal preference.

Final Tip You can improve the added durability of the paint job with a thin layer of Shoe-Goo on the inside of the body after the paint has set for at least two day.