Drift Car Stability Control

Drift Car Stability Control
Drift Assist Systems are the ultimate piece of drifting kit. You can make your car look the business, but sometimes itís just too hard to get it to gracefully drift exactly the way you want. The solution to this is the Drift Assist! This amazing piece of technology plugs in between your receiver and the steering servo of any Nitro or electric car to act as an electronic driving aid! It precisely detects the speed, steering angle and drift angle of the car as it enters a corner, and corrects your steering input to the exact amount of steering needed to get the car around a corner with maximum drift angle and minimum fuss! You can even tune how much steering angle you want to get from the car as it goes around a bend, making this the must-have piece of kit for any drifter! Itís the ultimate drive-by-wire system!

Steering Assist Gyroscope
Retail Price: $27.49
Our Low Price: $20.62
HPI Racing D-Box 2 Adjustable Stability Control System
Retail Price: $79.00
Our Low Price: $69.99