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Please Note: Body may be shown painted for display purposes only. 
Body will arrive clear and may require trimming and will require painting. 
Clear Body Only. Wheels,Tires,Chassis,Etc.. Is Not Included.
Body will arrive with window masking (for painting) and Decals (stickers).
Fits � Custom SCT chassis, 10.50" front, 11.50� rear width
13" wheelbase
Direct fit for Team Associated DR10
Decal sheet with Chevy, Camaro and JConcepts badges.
All bodies are sold clear and require trimming
One of Chevrolet�s first responses in the Muscle Car war of the late 60�s and early 70�s was the release of the 1967 Camaro. The much-heralded design packed a ton of performance value into a production car for the ages. JConcepts has reacted frequently and quickly during the rise of the RC Drag Racing scene offering many sporty designs to match the customer demands of serious competition.
The JConcepts racer begins with the dropped V-nose and with an assortment of decal grille options included that can take on the look of many trim packages offered on the 67. As the hood rises, the power scoop blends into the windshield to allow plenty of clearance under the shell. The high attack angle of the windshield blends straight into the legendary cab shape of the Camaro.
A short trunk deck makes perfect room for the included large rear wing lower and upper assembly pieces. Under the wing, find the real estate where the decals finish off the racer cut rear-end giving room for any vehicle wheelie bars or aftermarket speed-shop goodies. The overall width of the body is roomy for an assortment of builds and the hourglass shape hits just around the rear tire assembly for that broad and arrow appearance.
Slight fender flares give the user a hint of trimming direction for the 13� wheelbase and wheel well openings. The trim lines throughout the body provide a low-profile appearance and steady guide for a clean overall look. Included in each body set, a 1967 Chevy Camaro decal sheet, rear wing option including lower support and upper wing spoiler and the paint mask for all windows. As always, each body set is backed with JConcepts customer support and racing heritage.
Notes from the team �
The rear wing consists of two pieces, the lower section is designed with triangle pads which require double-sided tape to attach to the trunk lid. Once base is attached, apply more double-sided tape to match the triangle pad locations and drop the main wing down into place. Photos show body mounted on Team Associated DR10.
Specifications �
The Chevy Camaro measures a 13.00" wheelbase and the inside dimensions of the body are 10.50" wide front and 11.50" rear. The body is built for a 2wd SCT wheelbase length and narrowed to more resemble the original 1:1 counterpart. It's helpful to plan your build, take measurements and modify your platform to fit inside the boundaries of the Chevy body.
1967 Chevy Camaro drag racer faithful representation
Two-piece rear wing for street elimination competition
Fits an assortment of SCT length trucks with width modifications
Decal sheet with Chevy, Camaro and JConcepts badges.
Officially licensed by Chevrolet to JConcepts.
Chevrolet and nameplates are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Chevrolet.
Manufactured by JConcepts, Inc.

Clear RC Body 67 CHEVY CAMARO 1/10 (WB 13" 330mm) (22S/DR10/Slash/No Prep Drag)

SKU: JCO0400
  • We offer refunds within the first 14 days of your purchase. The item must be in the original packaging, must be unopened, unused and in the same condition that you received it. Once an item has been used it cannot be returned for any reason. Defective items must be handled through the manufacturer. If you need assistance with the manufacture please contact us and we will be glad to assist. All final decisions will be up to the manufacturer.
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